Entries by Andrew Gonzales

Friday May 16th

Partner WOD Chipper-Complete all task in any order Run 800m together 70 Wall Balls/ plank 60 Keg S2OH/jump rope 50 Pull ups/ wall sit 40 tire flip jump throughs together 30 alternating Partner burpee box jumps Bench press for volume (mm=5000, mf=3500, ff=2000) 3 rope ascents

Tuesday May 13th

Skill Broad Jump for distance WOD “Tabata Tuesday” Pull-ups Sit-ups Air Squats Double unders 8 rounds of 20 seconds of work, 10 sec of rest for each exercise. Your score is the highest lowest score per exercise. Show up for the explanation!

Friday May 9th

Warm-up Mobility/Agility Ladder Strength Bench Press Find 1RM in 15min WOD 2RFT 100m MB run, then 10MBC Then continue to 200m MB run, then MBG2OH Then back to 100m MB run, then 10MBC 15 Ring Rows 20 KB Swing (62/35)

Wednesday May 7th

Strength/ Skill EMOM 10min 6 DL (275/155)/ 2 Burpees WOD 7:00min time cap Descending ladder by 1 starting at 10reps of Pull-ups Box Jumps (30/24) 10 pull-ups 10 box jumps 9 pull-ups 9 box jumps 8 pull-ups 8 box jumps Etc….

Cinco De Mayo

Strength 20min to find back Squat 1RM WOD-5RFT 6- Burpees over Bar 10- Thrusters (95/65) 10 Slam balls (20/10) 10 Sit-ups Cashout- 36T2B Special thanks to Gabby and Val for the WOD 🙂