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 🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️  Coach Christian under the sipevisoun of 0530  0630 dedicated and strong  Thank you Cat for dropping in to the 630am bruh sesh! FilthyFifty was a perfect pre turkey day wod!  Happy Pre Turkey Day !!!
 SUNDAY SUNDAY 12/8 10AM YOGA YOGA YOGA  Just want to give @quechevereaz a shoutout! They came out to our competition and keep everybody happy and feed! Food was great and they had paleo options! Give @quechevereaz follow as they are always out and about in the Valley!  Shirt of the day
 She KNOWS she is going to kill option 2 !! 3.2.1 GO  November PR  9am Filthy 50 plus our drop in Jeff! Also Men with a 7 point comeback to beat the women in kickball!    Thank you to our visitors and members that came out this morning to Crossfit inthe Park

Native American Fitness Challenge! Friday Nov. 15th