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 Level Up Barbell Babes 1st competition TODAY  Donate candy to CF4P for Halloween in the Hills  Please be mindful when dropping the weights. Especially the 10/15 by themselves
 Athletes read below #Repost @camargo_oly (@get_repost) ・・・ It's not what we look at that matters, it's what we see. I believe we coaches should encourage athletes to see themselves positively. There are down moments for sure but overall they should have a positive self-image. Minimize their overthinking that leads to doubt or low self-esteem. A true athlete may be tough on themselves, especially in training, but they always remain confident of who they are. What they think of themselves is important to their performance. And happier athletes make better athletes. @olyconcepts #seeyourselfwell #howdoyouseeyourself #mentality #itstartswithself #coaching #athletes #olylifting #coachingisaprofession #olympiclifting #ilovemyjob #snatch #clean #jerk #barbell #olyconcepts   #Repost @cfdallascentral (@get_repost) ・・・ We don’t repost often, but this is worth a share. ••• #CrossFit. Whenever I tell people I do CrossFit, I get all types of reactions. The most common is that I’m “hard core.” Let’s address 7 other #MYTHS I hear: _ 1. CrossFit is dangerous and leads to injury.; Sure. But so could Barry’s and Cycling and Private Training if you don’t have good coaches or self-awareness. _ 2. CrossFit is only for elite athletes and average people need not apply; I’m not an elite athlete and I do CrossFit. Oh wait. I am elite ;). _ 3. CrossFit makes you big and bulky; Ok. Massive generalization that depends on several different factors. _ 4. CrossFit is a cult; So then I can call your community, family, sorority or boy band a cult too? _ 5. CrossFit requires a #paleo diet; Ok I honestly don’t even understand this assumption but...I can assure you I still eat bread. _ 6. CrossFit is only for competitive types; If by competitive, you mean people constantly pushing themselves to get better...sure. _ 7. CrossFit gives you rhabdo; When did rhabdo become CrossFit specific? First, it’s rare, and second, this comes from any athlete not listening and paying attention to their bodies and overdoing any sort of physical activity. _ Listen. I’m no expert and not against any other form of exercise (except running. Running is of the devil.) #CrossFit has been one of the natural remedies I’ve personally used to help with my depression and in early 2019, I plan to take my L1 (Keep me accountable). I’d love to break your stereotypes about what the “cult” is all about. “Girly-Girls” are allowed too. If I don’t know the answers to your questions, I’ll point you to someone that does. | S/O to @chadkackert ‘s car for the sticker.
 How's everyone feeling today ?  It was a Good Morning! Coach Corey @jcrakes23 coached his first class @crossfitfourpeaks! We also had a Visitor from Denver! Thank you Melissa! #crossfitcoach #fitness #crossfit #dropin #fountainhills #crossfitfourpeaks #community #groupfitness