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 Following Directions ➡️➡️Not Following Directions  Line it out  0530 class  TeamSupport
 ⬇️⬇️⬇️READ&REMEMBER #Repost @lauriechristineking (@get_repost) ・・・ Contrary to what we’ve been told - the way we eat and exercise should be about being happy and healthy, rather than solely around being shredded and/or measuring the gravitational pull between ourselves and the earth (how we eat and exercise can also be focused around performance and athleticism, if that’s what make us happy, too). • Just a few reminders: ⚡️there is no “wagon” to fall off of ⚡️abs or a certain scale weight are not a requirement for self love ⚡️cellulite and stretch marks are normal, can come from a multitude of things, and do not need to be “fixed” ⚡️we do not have to ‘earn’ our carbs or ‘earn’ any food in general ⚡️we can’t “make up” for things we ate or drank ⚡️we don’t have to justify taking rest days or eating something that we want ⚡️our appearance & the number between our toes may not always show how much we do or do not try  Said no-one ever!! Only socks say silly things like this.  Fun at the @batmanrobinclassic at @goldentitancf with @the.red.shieldmaiden @leara_yinishye and @light09876 ⚡️🤙 #crossfit #crossfitcompetition #competition #partnerwod #partnerworkout #crossfitcommunity #sisters #girlpower #batmanandrobinclassic #batman #crossfitbabes
 Twinning Tuesday * Did You Get The Memo???  Glen 30 CJ 1mile 10RopeClimbs 1mile 100Burpee  Thank you @east_valley_crossfit for a great Competition! #bromagedon #crossfit #crossfitfourpeaks