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 People always ask me if we have CrossFit classes for the older adult. My answer is always CF can be applied to all fitness levels and ages. Here is Ron, he is our oldest member at the age of 70. Today he back squatted 170# for 2 reps! He said his back never hurts anymore and he is the strongest he has ever been! #crossfit #fountainhills #crossfitworks #ronforpresident #crossfitfourpeaks #geezerstrong #oldguysrule    The face you make walking out the door AFTER completing 19.5 and the face you make waiting for your turn, after watching the class before you finish
 Team Curtis  A CF4Ps RX Masters Male ... Last night he was ranked 14/42 ... cant wait to see where he is at the end of TheOpen  ❤️❤️❤️ Click on ➡️➡️ @alexbarrett58 to see the videos
 19.5 death Friday night lights heat2  0530 would like to Thank Crossfit for the 2019 TheOpen... and say goodbye back to our regular WODs