Welcome to CrossFit

   Murph2020  CrossFit is so much medicine!  if you agree!
 Shirt of the day 6-1-20.  Murph2020  We are back in business starting Thursday 5/14! We will have a Regular class schedule, members must use Mind body app. to sign up for class! All members should have received an email! We are so excited for our members!!!
 Feel free to caption this  I don’t do BDay post for our members, but I want to wish Julie a HBD weekend! She was our first member of CF4P. I can remember the day she paid cash, she was there when we bolted up the rig for the first time taking pictures, she was there when Coach Mark and I did our first competition in 2014, she is president of our welcoming committee and helps with our Instagram! Her energy is unmatchable and she is everyone biggest cheerleader! I even kicked her out once then begged her to come back Anyways HBD Julie   We need to open back up already!!

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