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 Thank you @east_valley_crossfit @andybsox for the awesome gymnastic clinic today! #gymnastics #gymnasty #ringmuscleups #fountainhills #crossfit  Have you signed up ??? We all start our crossfit journey somewhere. #Repost @teamcarleen (@get_repost) ・・・ I’ve been participating in the @CrossFit itgam Open since 2012, this year will be NO different, but the focus will be much different... -2012 I had no real idea what I was doing, or getting myself into, I happened to make regionals that year, but had NO expectations I was just along for the ride! -2019 Im brining back that mentality. No expectation, I’m so excited to participate with my @crossfitsthelens community, and celebrate our fitness! I want to use my experience to help others. If you want any tips or advise about the workouts shoot me a DM I’d love to give my opinions!!! @xfactor_chris @fnx_fit @_thesefistsfly @smashpack @rxsmartgear  Retired Navy Seal (24years of service) Dean, honoring Eva 2-16-19 #origanalnastygirl #ilovenastygirls #crossfit #evaforeva @skievat @crossfit @anniekimiko @thedavecastro  Coach Christian is teaching the 0530 class how to Part The Sea
 0530 class AFTERMATH of 19.1  5:30pm class on President’s Day! 🇺🇸 #community #fountainhills #herowod #crossfit  Thank you @grahamn7835 for coming in and making us feel bad about all our scores lol. U killed every workout, we enjoyed your energy and presence! See you soon! #weeklyvisitor  No Caption Needed
   Do not let naysayers make you question your personal fitness choices. #Repost @bicepslikebriggs (@get_repost) ・・・ I saw the recent interview by @jillianmichaels and @shape ... I thought that maybe some others out there didn’t fully understand what we do in @crossfit ... so here’s an attempt to shed some light into what we actually do: • Cardiovascular/Respiratory Endurance: Sustained bouts of effort ranging from 5km runs to marathon rows • Stamina: The aim of most CrossFit workouts is to develops the ability to perform gymnastic and barbell movements efficiently for high number of repetitions • Strength: In addition to barbell movements being used regularly to build strength there will be a focus on strict body weight elements • Flexibility: Warm ups are utilized to prep and prime the body to be able to attain the correct range of motion • Power: Plyometrics are incorporated into training along side Olympic lifting which is key to developing power • Speed: As well as sprint sessions for running/rowing/swimming etc we use EMOMs and interval training • Coordination: Any time you’re learning a new skill it takes a lot of coordination to master it. The more complex the movement the more coordination needed • Agility: Agility is the ability to be quick and graceful. The more proficient we become at the fundamental movements the more effortless and agile they seem • Balance: Single leg movements and the main lifts help to develop a strong core and stabilizers which help us balance. Along side this we learn gymnastic skills and balance upside down whilst HS walking up and over obstacles • Accuracy: In CrossFit we use traditional target type training for example throwing objects, jumping and landing on boxes, or traversing obstacles. But also, the lifts and gymnastics requires a high amount of accuracy of timing to execute the movement correctly #fitness #10domains #crossfit #crossfitgames  Are you registered for THE OPEN yet??? It's right around the corner. #Repost @rehband (@get_repost) ・・・ "Field of dreams!" A beautiful shot by our Rehband ambassador Josh Bridges. Have a great weekend everyone! #repost #rehband rehband #rehbandfullpotential #rehbandambassador #joshbridges  YES they spark joy. That's why we do them. Show up and get ready for The Open #Repost @core4program (@get_repost) ・・・ Thank u, next. ‍♀️ . Jk, but seriously.. what movements would you tidy on out of your workouts forever if you could?? . . #mariekondo #sparkjoy #core4 #core4program : @womenshealthmag