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If it doesn't challenge you,

it doesn't change you!

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Welcome to CrossFit

 @mc_denham claiming his wood  Friends who carry each other, stay together! Partner WOD “friends farmer” carry! #crossfitfourpeaks #fountainhillsaz #crossfit #arizonafitness #fitness #liftheavy #gymislife #crossfit #crossfitcommunity #ilovecrossfit #partnerwod #farmerscarry #piggyback #bffs #gympartner #friends  Surround yourself with people that will inspire you
 After completing LightDT today =DEATH ● ● ● ● ● ● #Repost @crossfitcowboy45 (@get_repost) ・・・ “What goes through your mind when you are at that point in a nasty workout where you are absolutely gassed and everything is on fire?” I always find myself thinking, “do I NEED to slow down and rest or do I WANT to slow down and rest? The answer is very much more heavily weighted on the WANT to rest. I try to think in these moments “stop feeling sorry for yourself. Nobody cares that you are in pain. Nobody cares that it hurts. The only thing that matters is the end result. If it takes some suffering to get there... so be it. Once you accept that you are going to let it hurt and grind on, then you can really grab that other gear and go. I saw @jasoncarroll89 post about this and thought it was a really cool concept. I’m tagging a bunch of you top level people so you can share your thought process with the world. Enjoy! #crossfitcowboy #tzstrength #crossfit #lumegent #2010labs  FLIPIN WEDNESDAY
 DEADLIFT. #powerlifting #deadlift #deadlifts #crossfitfourpeaks #fountainhills #doyouevenliftbro #gobigorgohome #strong #getstrong #crossfit #arizonafitness #fitness #liftheavy #gymislife #crossfit #crossfitcommunity #ilovecrossfit  If you have any questions about how to download register and use sugarWOD please contact Angel


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Let Me Tell You About CrossFit

Have you heard about CrossFit but not really sure what it is? Maybe you’ve heard CrossFit is only for elite athletes? Whatever you have heard or seen the most important thing to know is that CrossFit is for everyone. CrossFitters are individuals from all walks-of-life that come together for a common goal… health! CrossFit athletes include everyone from elite athletes, firefighters, police officers and military to those looking to lose weight, get back into shape and live a healthy, active lifestyle.

We’ve moved to a new 3600 square foot location… come check it out!

Our Location

16939 E. Colony Dr. #7
Fountain Hills, AZ 85268
Phone: 480.580.2528

Class Schedule